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Our Founders' Journey

Helping one jaw at a time

Dr. Rosa Germian Satake's journey to MySliders began during her dental studies when she personally experienced the challenges of TMD. Her own struggles with daily discomfort and pain changed her perspective. Discovering relief through MySliders ignited her determination to help others facing the same condition.

When I was in dental school, I never expected that I would be the one seeking relief from TMD. But that personal experience changed everything. It's what drives us to help others now.
- Dr. Rosa Germian Satake

Koh Satake, a physiotherapist, joined this mission driven by empathy. Watching his wife, Dr. Rosa, navigate TMD difficulties, he felt compelled to make a meaningful impact. Koh's expertise in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal studies linked to TMD allowed him to create personalized treatment plans, providing countless patients with relief from jaw pain, headaches, and other TMD symptoms.

Seeing my wife, deal with TMD on a daily basis made me realize the immense impact it has on people's lives. We're in this together, and we're here to make a meaningful change."
- Koh Satake

A Holistic Approach

United by their passion for innovation and a shared mission, this husband-and-wife duo expanded their efforts beyond their family-run business. With their expertise, they've successfully helped hundreds of patients in their clinic overcome the debilitating symptoms of TMD with MySliders. Each success story reinforces their commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of their patients.

Their goal was clear: to extend a helping hand to TMD sufferers across Australia. MySliders was born from this collaboration—a holistic approach that blends dental and physiotherapy expertise to provide comprehensive relief.

Our Vision

What began as a small venture in Brisbane has grown into a nationwide effort. Our ultimate vision is to make TMD relief accessible to all Australians. Our journey is a testament to our empathy and personal connection with the challenges faced by TMD sufferers. We continuously evolve our approach based on real experiences, driven by our genuine commitment to improving the lives of those dealing with the daily struggles of TMD and associated symptoms.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we strive to make a difference, one jaw at a time...

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