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Science behind the bite

The Ricketts Phonetic Bite, developed by the late Dr. Ricketts, serves a pivotal role in determining the mandibular (lower jaw) position referred to as the "sweet spot." Particularly relevant for patients experiencing snoring/obstructive sleep apnoea and TMD, this method becomes integral in establishing the optimal position for those utilizing oral appliance therapy. MySliders, incorporating the Ricketts Phonetic Bite, harnesses this scientific approach to capture your jaw in its most relaxed position. This methodology not only pays homage to the pioneering work of Dr. Ricketts but also reinforces MySliders' commitment to a science-backed, innovative solution for temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) and related conditions.

The scientific foundation of MySliders is fortified by studies conducted by renowned experts such as Earl Pound, Steven Olmos and Dr. David E. Rawson, whose work consistently validates the accuracy of the Phonetic "S" Bite Registration method. By leveraging the "S" sound, MySliders achieves a natural forward jaw position while maintaining tongue relaxation. By integrating this natural bite into the MySliders, we leverage evidence-backed practices to encourage a favourable position during sliders wear. This precision is not only scientifically proven but is also demonstrated to be effective in TMD and sleep apnoea devices.

Medical researcher studying X-rays of a person's jaw

Through extensive research and innovation, we have developed a unique holistic approach that sets MySliders apart from traditional clinic-based treatments. This distinctive method, rooted in the Phonetic Bite Registration and our unique slide, enables users to capture their jaw in the most relaxed position, a breakthrough backed by solid evidence. MySliders offers a groundbreaking way to address TMD concerns, transcending geographical limitations and making effective jaw care accessible to individuals across the country. This approach is not just a technological advancement; it's a revolution in TMD care, making effective jaw care accessible in the comfort of your own home.

Choose MySliders for a scientifically backed, innovative, and effective solution to address temporomandibular dysfunction. Join us in redefining the landscape of TMD care.

Unique Orthotic

Science behind the slide

MySliders, marking a revolutionary advancement in temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) care, is not just a testament to simplicity but a profound understanding of TMD intricacies. The intricate details of the sliders are purposefully designed to address the multifaceted challenges of TMD. The platform of the slide, meticulously crafted, serves a dual purpose — decompressing the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) for instant relief and enhancing blood flow while reducing inflammation.

The sliding mechanism

The unique sliding design orchestrated by the upper and lower sliders plays a pivotal role in decompressing the joint. When positioned naturally in the mouth, the sliders meet seamlessly, guiding the tongue to its restful position. This, in turn, effectively mitigates muscular tension in the head, neck, and jaw, offering a holistic approach to TMD care. Moreover, the sliders act as a preventive measure against the wear and tear induced by grinding, simultaneously training the body's nervous system to diminish clenching forces.

Biofeedback loop for jaw clenching habits

The tension created by clenching whilst wearing the sliders, serves as a biofeedback mechanism. This heightened awareness allows individuals to consciously reduce the force of clenching, fostering the development of healthier habits. MySliders, unlike some conventional TMD splints, covers all teeth comprehensively, mitigating concerns related to bite changes. This full coverage ensures that all teeth meet harmoniously in a sliding motion, eliminating the potential for overeruption and bite alterations. MySliders is not just an orthotic device; it is a meticulously crafted solution that blends cutting-edge research with user-friendly design, offering a transformative experience in the realm of TMD care.

Powerful therapeutic combination

Relieve your jaw pain

MySliders offer a unique therapeutic advantage. Not only do they offload stress on your jaw joint, but they also alleviate strain on your autonomic system, promoting your overall health and well-being. Our holistic and conservative approach ensures that we comprehensively address head, neck, and jaw pain, offering you the ultimate TMD device.

Unlike other traditional splints or TMJ splints in the market, MySliders not only eliminate clenching and grinding. The unique sliding design plays a crucial role in decompressing the joint, allowing free movement and effectively tackling muscular tension. MySliders go beyond symptom relief; they work harmoniously to enhance your overall health and quality of life.

MySliders hassle-free design

Zero adjustments

  • Innovative Slide Design

    MySliders feature a revolutionary slide composed of two orthotic devices—upper and lower — that seamlessly align with your natural jaw positioning
  • Practical Solution for Clenching and Grinding

    This distinctive feature doesn't just provide comfort but serves as a practical solution for TMD sufferers prone to clenching and grinding.
  • Eliminates Constant Adjustments

    Unlike traditional splints, our device's brilliant design eradicates the need for frequent adjustments, saving you valuable time and money on repeated appointments.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare Support

    Post-purchase, our valued customers receive comprehensive information and instructional videos, simplifying the aftercare of MySliders for a smooth and empowered journey to optimal jaw health.
  • Damage Prevention

    Crafted from upper and lower acrylic material, the sliders slide in perfect harmony, preventing damage caused by grinding and ensuring prolonged wear without replacements.
  • Hassle-free TMD Care

    Choose MySliders for a hassle-free design that puts you in control of your TMD care, offering a practical, time-saving solution.

Holistic Approach

TMD relief through team collaboration

Understanding the complexity of TMD, we take a holistic approach at MySliders. Our aim isn't just symptom relief but a tailored solution for your unique needs. We connect you with TMJ specialists from various fields and offer resources for pain relief, including home strategies, exercises, and stress reduction techniques.

Ongoing Support

MySliders Care

Your journey with MySliders doesn't end with your purchase. During your three month adjustment period, we're here for you every step of the way, offering ongoing support, guidance, and assistance. We understand that healing takes time, and we're committed to being your partner on the path to a pain-free life.

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